Arie Brak Bed and Breakfast
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Arie Brak
Westfriesedijk 23
1757NN Oudesluis
tel/fax +31224 212309


For some years now, I breed special breeds of chicken , "Lakevelders" and "Brakels". These are chickens which do not only lay many eggs, but are also beautifull to see. I go to chicken shows with these chickens quite a lot, and I've already won several prizes. The chickens are in six chicken runs where they can move around freely.


Breeding must happen with much care. The good qualities must be kept in the offspring. Each year a lot of eggs are preserved and are hatched in the incubator. With the best descendants I continue to breed. If you are lucky you can see eggs come out or see the young chickens in their warm chicken coop.

Thanks to R.J. Bredewold for the pictures.